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Re-Invigorate Your Passion for "Code"

A little over a year ago I was in search of something inspirational, something to help re-invigorate my passion for technology. I knew I hadn't necessarily lost it; more so, I was looking for something to help re-assure my decision to stay in the field of developing modern software applications, and perhaps fill in some missing pieces regarding computer hardware & software.

To use one of my technology idol's [Scott Hanselman] analogies, he recommends "looking beyond the sink" meaning when troubleshooting a problem with your sink (ie. software), it's good for people (ie. software developers) to push themselves to learn what's beyond the sink, such as the plumbing behind the wall (ie. hardware).

By God (& Amazon Prime's) good grace, I stumbled upon a book called "Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software" by Charles Petzold, and while reading it over the course of a few days of peace & serenity (I was in between a self-initiated job transition which allowed me these few "quiet days of reflection", of which my wife & kids were at work and school), would quickly become the most important & cherished book on technology I own.

This book made Scott Hanselman say “This book should really be required reading in any CS101 class. Hell, I'd make it required reading for High School Seniors. It can ‘fill in the gap’ for some many technology questions.... My kids will read this book.”

Who Should Read This Book?

If you're interested in technology but don't know anything about it, read this book. It will give you an appreciation & understanding for how a basic computer works in a simple way. If you're a developer who writes advanced code at your current job (ie. software developer), read this book! In a field where change is constant and the drive to keep up on the latest technologies, code platforms and frameworks can certainly feel overwhelming. Reading this book will inspire you by not losing sight of the incredible communication tools we get to learn & work with everyday.

I highly encourage you to pause, read this book, and reflect on the incredible progress that we as humans have made with code. It's easy to take it all for granted... and Charles Petzold's book is wonderful at engaging the reader and helping them understand and appreciate how we went from smoke signals to smart phones. The best part is, once you obtain this understanding and appreciation, it can never be taken away, regardless of how many new technology "opportunities" get thrown your way. I hope it invigorates (or re-invigorates) your passion for code, it did for me~!

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